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May 2024

ICM 2024

Mindfulness in a Changing World: The International Conference on Mindfulness
August 2-6, 2024
Bangor, Wales, UK

Several members of our community will be presenting at Mindfulness in a Changing World: The International Conference on Mindfulness: ICM 2024 held in Bangor, Wales, UK, August 2-6, 2024. The conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and engage with leaders in the field of mindfulness and compassion. In addition, it will include voices that have historically not had a seat at the table. The gathering will serve as a space for connection, inquiry, and discussion, aimed at shaping the dialogue for the coming decades. The conference aims for an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all.

The following graduates of our facilitator and advanced training program- Raphael Bonvin, Ross Carne, Todd Hill, Jodi Jackson, Majid Khan and Mick Krasner will share a range of MPIM related programs across the continuum of medical training and practice from undergraduate medical students through residency training and practicing clinicians. Mick will also be part of a panel discussion about adapting mindfulness in high stress health care environments with Drs. Maura Kenny from Adelaide, Australia, and Dr. Carter Lebares from UC San Francisco.

For more information and registration details, visit

April 2024


WELLMED 5: The Fifth International Meeting on Well Being and Performance in Clinical Practice
October 30 – November 3, 2024
Mount Pelion, Greece

The “Fifth International Meeting on Well being and Performance in Clinical Practice” (WELLMED 5) brings together experts from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in order to present and discuss innovative ways of linking physician wellbeing to patient safety and quality of care.

This year they celebrate 10 years from the first WELLMED meeting, where the idea of linking physician well being to patient safety was first introduced.

Read more about the meeting and reigster on their website,

Fischingen Drohne

Aufblühen im klinischen Alltag
May 13-17, 2024

The German courses are run by four Rochester University trained Swiss physicians: Raphaël Bonvin, medical educator; Herbert Assaloni, psychiatrist; Mirjam Tanner, psychiatrist; and Urs Zimmermann, pediatrician.

The inaugural 4.5-day workshop German workshop, “Aufblühen im klinischen Alltag” (Flourishing in everyday clinical practice) is poised to offer practitioners the same unique opportunity to engage in a reflective and enriching experience. The serene backdrop of Fischingen’s Benedictine convent in Switzerland, will offer an immersive retreat for seventeen Swiss physicians in May 2024. With the first workshop fully booked, we’re looking forward to the next session, planned for May 2025. All information can be found on the website:

Hands Black and White

Présence au Coeur du Soin
April 15-19, 2024

The French workshops are led by a trio of Rochester University trained physicians: Raphaël Bonvin, a Swiss medical educator, joins forces with Kathy Bonapace, an Ob-Gyn from Quebec, and Olivier De Lathouwer, a plastic surgeon from Belgium.

The inaugural 4.5-day core workshop “Présence au Cœur du Soin (presence at the heart of caring) was held last year in Switzerland. They welcomed ten international participants (France, Belgium, Switzerland) from diverse healthcare backgrounds (medicine, nursing, and psychology). Recently, from April 15 to 19, 2024, the charm of the former Rosario convent in Béviène, Belgium, was the setting for the second French workshop. Nine professionals (medicine, nursing, and osteopathic) from Belgium, Quebec, and Switzerland participated in this transforming event.

The upcoming workshop will be in Eastman, Quebec, from 28 October to 1 November 2024. Registration is currently open, and we invite interested individuals to learn more on the website:

March 2024

ICPH 2024

International Conference on Physician Health
October 17-29, 2024
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The ICPH conference is scheduled for this fall in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Conference will be centered around five key strands, spanning the latest research, contemplative approaches, and innovative concepts. This will include addressing the many social and global objectives for mindfulness and compassion, all aimed at enhancing our health and well-being, mitigating conflict and stress, and ultimately benefiting the planet.

February 2024

David Sandweiss, MD (Utah, United States)
“Our online workshops were popular doing COVID, anywhere from 1-2 hr sessions, to 4-hour sessions. In addition, we did an on-line and in-person longitudinal series for teams, including our Child Abuse team, our Cystic Fibrosis Team, and the Multiple Myeloma team at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. These were monthly sessions 60-90 min long for 4-9 months. These were really cool, and we allowed the teams to choose the topics that they wanted to focus on (ie burnout and resiliency, grief and loss, when things go wrong, conflict management and communication pitfalls, psychological safety, caring for self, compassion for self and other, etc). All of the sessions were presented through the lens of mindfulness/awareness and we always included a short guided opening and closing meditation, and a dyad narrative/AI activity related to the topic.”

January 2024

New Podcast from Mick Krasner
Mick Krasner is hosting a new podcast called Flourishing in Medicine: From Striving to Thriving, in which he explores with guests ways that health professionals, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners , mental health providers, and others can truly flourish in the challenging world of healthcare.

The podcast can be found on many streaming formats such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as here at,

The Healer’s Journey Documentary Film
The filming of the documentary The Healer’s Journey by Blue Sky Production Films with Executive Producer Mick Krasner enters its final year. Watch the trailer on YouTube for a brief description of the project,

If you are interested in supporting the film, please visit and scroll down to The Healer’s Journey.

December 2023

Jeremy Rosaak and Kendall Crossen (Auckland, New Zealand)
“We attended your workshop in Singapore. A wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the programme, learn how to teach better and met some wonderful colleagues. We also completed an online course in Non-Violent Communication inspired by reading Say What You Mean Oren Jay Sofer. We’ve also attended a one day online retreat with Jill Shepard. We’re receiving mentoring from Ana-Marie and Fredrik. The American/Swedish perspective is revitalizing. As often as we can we connect with Joe and Venus. Jem has been applying his mindfulness in his work on difficult conversations and has been presenting at conferences about this work. We’re about to run our 3-day workshop at the end of November. It will be our 5th time running the workshop which we tweak each time as we learn more. The hope is to run it twice a year, the universe willing.”

Olivia Tse (Montreal, Quebec)
“During my term as co-program director of the General Pediatrics Training Program prior to the pandemic, we implemented a Mindfulness and Compassion curriculum. This mandatory, longitudinal curriculum consisted of structured modules, most of which were based on the MPIM modules and adapted to the context of a pediatric trainee. Structured sessions were interspersed with less structured ‘Facilitated Reflective Group Discussions’ (FRGDs). The FRGDs offered a safe space for residents to share (narratives were written anonymously prior to the session) emotionally impactful experiences and to support each other. As well, the intention of FRGDs was to reinforce the principles and practices introduced during the structured modules.

While in the role of Assistant Dean Residents Affairs and co-director of the W.E.L.L. Office, my intention was to introduce the principles and practices of mindfulness and compassion to the 1300-1400 postgraduate trainees in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The plan was to offer an annual, mandatory, interactive and experiential, 90-minute session to all PGY1s enrolled in the core programs. In autumn 2021, we included the entire cohort of trainees from the core programs while offering the workshop optionally to subspecialty programs, framing it as offering strategies for ‘Responding to Stress: Skills to Maintain Well-Being’. The individual modules of the entire Mindfulness and Compassion curriculum are listed on the website of the Office of Medical Learner Affairs, FMHS, McGill (formerly the WELL Office) and offered to all PGME training programs upon request. Modules are adapted to the context of the training programs, as appropriate.

In addition to guiding residents, I facilitate (when requested) mindfulness and compassion-based sessions (in-person and virtual) for groups of clinical faculty of subspecialty divisions, at departmental retreats and at the PERC conference.

I am currently preparing to teach (as a practicum) the Compassion Cultivation Training program as the final step in the teacher certification process. As I step down from the assistant dean role, next steps include promoting the necessity for, and guiding leaders to cultivate a mindful and compassionate mindset within individuals as well as within their organizations.”

Barbara Wolf, PhD (Michigan, United States)
“At McLaren Health Care Corporation in Michigan, we provide a one-day retreat in Mindful Practice for all of our 2nd year resident physicians.  For that one-day retreat, we begin with a salon and focus on narrative medicine for the residents to tell their stories to each other.  We introduce mindfulness, give practice periods (short) and talk about grief and loss as well as developing resilience.  This is required of all residencies and specialties.

We are working with Amishi Jha, who has a grant to study the Search Inside Yourself Leadership program (originated at Google)with 120 of our corporation leaders.  This is a program that teaches leadership within the context of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  That study will begin Spring 2024.”

Ross Carne (Melbourne, Australia)
“I have recently finished my second run of the Belonging in Medicine series pilot, met with enthusiasm by the participants.”

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