Advanced Teacher Training

The Advanced Teacher Training Program offers a year-long, mentor-based, learning community for select graduates of our Facilitator Training Workshops.


Advanced Teacher Training is only available for those who’ve completed Facilitator Training.

Advanced Teacher Trainees hone their teaching skills as they engage in a growing community of trained facilitators, thus enhancing their capacity to offer Mindful Practice in Medicine programs in their local communities and beyond. Graduates have not only led their own programs but have facilitated alongside senior Mindful Practice in Medicine faculty.

Redesigned & Expanded

Since 2016, 32 trainees have completed the program, representing 12 countries around the world. Beginning in 2022, we expanded the program to accommodate up to 8 trainees per year.

This 12 month program includes: 2-hour online monthly sessions; bi-weekly individual mentoring sessions with senior faculty; collaborative work with other interns and faculty in a learning community environment, culminating in an end of year gathering that includes current and former trainees.

Program Highlights


We accept 6-8 trainees per annual cycle.


Each trainee will work directly one-on-one with three primary faculty over the course of the year.  Mentor meetings will be twice a month.


Groups of trainees will work together outside of group meetings with faculty – in pairs and as an entire group.


Each trainee will develop a Mindful Practice in Medicine program of varying design (from multi-day intensive, to series of regular sessions, to half-day or full-day program, in-person, online or both).


Faculty will supervise the development of these programs from planning through delivery, assisting trainees, not only with program design as well as marketing, communications, institutional/organizational relationships, and continuing education credit process, among other needs.


As you consider applying for this program, please note the time commitment:  10 large group meetings (120 minutes each); mentor-trainee meetings (usually 1 hour, up to twice a month); and meetings with fellow trainees once to twice per month. In addition to this, you will need time to read and/or view materials in preparation for the large group meetings as well as time to plan and develop a Mindful Practice in Medicine program offering. Best to plan on 5-8 hours per month for 10 months, plus attending the yearly gathering.


Group meetings of the entire trainee cohort with full faculty (10 meetings – 120 minutes each) will cover topics including: History of Mindful Practice in Medicine; Structure of the Modules; Deeper Dives into Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Interviews; The Role of Narratives and Narrative Medicine in Mindful Practice in Medicine; Group Dynamics and Mindfulness-Based Inquiry; Institutional/Organizational issues; Building a Wider Mindful Practice in Medicine community; as well as Designing Mindful Practice in Medicine Programs to meet local needs.


Trainees will attend the annual trainee/facilitator gathering in late fall. The first gathering was held at the Chapin Mill Retreat Center* in NY (although future venues can be elsewhere depending on group desires and needs). Over 80% of trainee graduates joined us for several days of contemplative practice, Mindful Practice in Medicine programming, and professional and social connections. Current trainees, as well as those who have completed the program since its inception, are invited to attend and charged only for room and board, currently about $700. At the gathering, current trainees will have the opportunity to present and receive feedback on a segment of a workshop they have developed.

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