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Bring a Mindful Practice® in Medicine Program to your health care setting to help clinicians and trainees thrive and find satisfaction and meaning in their work while addressing the challenges of professional isolation, ineffectiveness, exhaustion, and moral distress.

Whether your setting is a health professional school, hospital, hospital system, or other healthcare institution – our evidence-based programs are proven to help health professionals flourish and better serve patients while enhancing joy, well-being, and engagement in practice.

What We Offer

On-Site Workshops

A 2-day live on-site workshop with four subsequent 90-minute webinars. A total of 19 hours CME.


Designed to review institutions’ wellness-related activities with recommendations regarding integrating Mindful Practice in Medicine programs to improve well-being and quality of care, address health professional burnout, and improve work satisfaction and performance.

Customized Programs

Half or whole-day introductory programs and longer-term engagements to develop the local expertise to offer on-site Mindful Practice programs delivered by members of the organization itself.

Programs might include:

  • On-site or online intensive 4-day or longitudinal Core Mindful Practice® in Medicine workshops with faculty and staff.
  • Facilitator Training workshops for those who have completed the Core workshops.
  • A mentoring program to train a handful of motivated facilitators to become advanced teachers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my medical or nursing school consider holding a Mindful Practice workshop?

Mindful Practice workshops are evidence-based programs that offer skills for clinicians and leaders to respond more effectively to stresses in clinical practice, form better connections with their patients and colleagues, and be more attentive and thoughtful in their clinical practice.

What are the benefits?

Mindfulness and Mindful Practice programs have been associated with lower clinician burnout and psychological distress, greater clinician well-being, more empathic and effective patient-clinician relationships, improved patient safety, lower implicit racial bias, fewer diagnostic errors, fewer medication errors, and better teamwork.

Are CME credits available?

Yes, for all of our programs.

Is a Mindful Practice workshop suitable for a healthcare corporation team?

Absolutely. The same practices that promote clear intention, focused attention, critical curiosity, beginner’s mind and presence can promote effective leadership and teamwork, enhanced ability to deal with conflict and adversity, and lower rates of burnout, distress, and attrition.

What size group is ideal?

We offer workshops for as few as 10 and as many as 150 participants. For larger groups, we break out into smaller sub-groups for some of the exercises and discussion, each with a facilitator.

Who should attend such a workshop?

Mindful Practice workshops can be helpful for anyone in healthcare: clinicians, trainees, non-clinician staff, leadership. They can encompass academic medical centers, hospitals, clinics, and corporate settings. We alter the curricula to adapt to the needs of each group. Mixed groups are fine for many of the exercises; other have to be adapted because clinical contexts might be different. For example, errors, moral distress and conflicts may manifest differently for students, nurses, physicians and administrators. While entire work teams can participate, including leadership, we try to avoid pairing those in hierarchical and reporting relationships in exercises that might bring up personal information or bad outcomes.

How long is a typical workshop?

A 2-day immersion provides a depth of experience that cannot be achieved by shorter workshops. Sometimes we can break up the content into two 1-day experiences. In addition, a series of videoconferences after the in-person programs can reinforce content and maintain a supportive professional community. Longer 3- or 4-day workshops are available, some of which are residential.

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